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ETO Sterilizer is equipment which expedites the ETO Sterilization activity. Krishna Engineering based in ahmedabad, gujarat is ETO sterilizer manufacturer of state of art dual cycle 100% eto sterilizer system which provides the highest step of sterilization promise..Heating is effective and most used technique to get rid of microorganisms. But several heat sensitive objects like electronic and plastic apparatuses cannot be sterilized with heating. Ethylene Sterilizer Exporter, ETO Gas Sterilizer , Industrial ETO Sterilizer is the chemical that is used to sterilize such heat-sensitive objects. It is a bactericidal chemical compound. It is used to destroy all kinds of microorganisms and their products from given apparatuses. It is applied to heat and moisture sensitive medical devices.  


Application of the ethylene oxide leads the damage in the DNA, amino acids and protein of the microorganisms by chemical process and stops their reproduction. ETO Sterilization is believed highly effective sterilization. With dealing such gas, we have developed our all sterilizers as per international norms and conditions to offer higher level of safety.

Our ETO sterilizers are available with different configurations. It is available with size of 2x2x4 feet to 7x7x30 feet. Our range of ETO sterilizers are varied in volumetric capacity, contains from 0.45 m3 to 44.1 m3.

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