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Surgical ETO Sterilizer

Ethylene oxide sterilizer is generally used to sterilize pharmaceutical instruments that are sensitive to heat. Various articles and instruments used in various operations are to be strictly sterile. Out of such articles and instruments, many are very precious and costly. Such costly items are not so economic to discard every time after use. For such items, ETO sterilization is so useful and cost-effective way to obtain highly hygienic and contamination free equipments.

 We are marked as major manufacturer and exporter of surgical ETO sterilizer that is first choice of doctors and pathologists for efficient and economic sterilization. Surgical ETO sterilizers offer 100 % contamination free devices. It is available with many options for the door and chamber design. It is also available with the option of material of construction for the special applications.

  • I.V. sets
  • syringes
  • surgical sets
  • Catheter
  • Urine Bag
  • Laboratory equipments
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