ETO Sterilizer India

Appication of ETO Sterilizer

We at “Krishna Engineering” are able to offer the premium quality of sterilizer are hugely demanded for sterilize the equipment in the hospital. So many devices, instruments and items of different shapes are being sensitive for heat and moisture, sterilized with ETO sterilizer. ETO sterilizers are used to make such instruments totally free from contamination. So our offered range of ETO sterilizers is used in hospitals, health centers and laboratories to get rid of microorganisms. In order to get total contamination free device, ETO sterilizers are used. Our well developed ETO Sterilizers are broadly useful to the diverse sectors especially to the hospitals. Our different kinds of sterilizers are widely applied to the many places for individual works, so we have engaged to make the wide range of the ETO sterilizers.

Food Steam Sterilizer

The food department is always hygienic oriented place where no contaminations are allowed to take place at any situation. Due to this the step was taken to use the ETO sterilizers in the food related departments. We are the best Food Steam Sterilizer in India. For the food processing, all including instruments must be contamination free for the proper processing output. For the long lasting product quality, products must be free from all kinds of microbial content. This sterilizer’s protects from the contamination and this is the reason that many consumers are largely availing us for this better product. The instruments for the processing may be heat sensitive and thus to get instruments and products free from contamination ETO sterilizers are used equipments. Some kinds of the special food items are relevantly require the EOT sterilizers.

  • Food and beverages
  • Dried nuts
  • Treatment for spices
  • Packed cereals
  • Packed flours
  • Other food products
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Medicine and Surgery

The EOT sterilizers are specifically manufactured for the medical line and surgery. Medicine and surgery is the field where our offered range is mostly used. It is not economic solution to through away the equipments and instruments after usage. To make it reuse, it must be sterilized. Some range of instruments and devices are sensitive to heat and moisture. Some plastic, fiber and rubber items cannot be sterilized with heat. So, in order to provide well sterile items Ethylene Oxide is used. We are considered as leading manufacturer and exporter of the ETO sterilizer India, offer most advantageous range of sterilizers for medicine and surgery. Our ETO sterilizers are very apt for the medical usages, pharmaceutical sectors, and for the surgery equipments.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals
  • Health centers
  • Laboratories
  • I.V. sets
  • Disposable syringes
  • Disposable surgical sets
  • Catheter
  • Urine Bag
Medicine and Surgery
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Ethylene Oxide

This Ethylene Oxide is used in Pharma Industries, Spice Manufacturer, Spice Traders, Medical Disposable Manufacturer, Medical Disposable Traders and exporter, Medical Gloves Manufacturer, Medical Glovers Traders, IV Set Manufacturer and IV Set traders etc. Ethylene Oxide is flammable and explosive gas. Diluted ethylene oxide is used to sterilize various instruments and devices that are sensitive to moisture and heat. It is used to prevent microbial contamination. Several criteria are to be maintained for the application of the Ethylene Oxide.

ETO sterilization manufacturer is very economic, useful and effective method to get rid of different kinds of contamination and to get 100 % contamination free outputs.

  • Gas concentration
  • Temperature of the gas
  • Humidity level of the gas

ETO sterilization manufacturer is very economic, useful and effective method to get rid of different kinds of contamination and to get 100 % contamination free outputs.

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