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Our company is in pursuit of attaining excellence in our manufacturing field through our dedicated research and development by incorporating latest technological advancements through different requirement of international Scientific Community. Sterilization is the process that is used to remove living micro organisms like fungi, bacteria, viruses and their spores. To get rid of the living objects in certain production procedures, heat is most favored decisive factor. Heat ideally destroys entire microorganism for the procedure.

There are certain apparatus that are heat sensitive. To make sterile such heat sensitive apparatus, we have developed a great range of ETO sterilizer.

ETO Sterilizer

Heating system is effective and virtually all used technique to remove microorganisms. But several heat sensitive objects like electronic and plastic apparatuses cannot get sterilized with heating. ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer is the chemical that is used to sterilize such heat-sensitive objects. It is a bactericidal chemical compound. It is used to destroy all kinds of microorganisms and their products from given apparatuses. It is applied to heat and moisture sensitive medical devices.

 gas sterilizer

ETO Gas Sterilizer

As being manufacturer and exporter of various ranges of ETO Gas sterilizers, we put forward gas sterilizer that offer 100 % sterilization with affordable deal. It is an effective method of sterilization that is used to prevent possible damage to various instruments and apparatuses. It effectively sterilizes such instruments and vessels without damaging their electronics.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Ethylene oxide sterilizer is used to sterilize various instruments. ETO chemically reacts with amino acids, proteins and DNA of the bacteria and stops their reproduction. This criterion is used to build the system. It is used to sterilize medical and pharmaceutical items. The items that are sensitive to heat and moisture can be making sterile with this method.

ethylene oxide sterilizer

hospital eto sterilizer

Hospital ETO Sterilizer

Ethylene oxide sterilizers are used to sterilize various instruments used for different usages for operation and other hospital uses. Various surgical instruments are sterilized with Hospital ETO sterilizer. It is provided with accurate temperature control systems. Actuators and controllers are provided for proper sterilization. For the proper sterilization, vacuum and pressure control is also essential. ETO sterilizer India is equipped with sensors.

Medical Sterilizer

Our Medical Sterilizers are popular among various healthcare organizations. With rich experience of more than one and half decade, we have developed series of sterilizers to meet need of different batch load. With best grade material and employment of the advanced control systems, our medical sterilizers are reliably used in different sectors of medicine.

medical sterilizer

eto gas sterilizer

ETO Gas Sterilizer

With a latest generation control system, our ETO gas sterilizers manufacturer in India are available with different size and configuration. It offers 100 % output for the sterilization and used reliably in various fragments of medical field. To indicate several unusual conditions, alarm systems are provided. Temperature, pressure and vacuum is depends upon the load to be sterilize.

Single Door ETO Sterilizer

Ethylene oxide is used to sterile various objects regarding hospitals and laboratory. It is generally used to sterile the items that are temperature sensitive. The items sensitive to heat more than 60° c is subject to ETO sterilization. We offer different compact model with option of single and double door. Usually vertical sterilizers contains single door. For the proper safety and accurate result, it is provided with hinged door.

single door eto sterilizer

double door eto sterilizer

Double Door ETO Sterilizer

In order to provide highly precise output for all batches, we have design competent and robust Double Door ETO Sterilizer. We manufacture and export pilot scale ETO sterilizer that efficiently perform for all kinds of equipments and suitable for continuous operations. The Double Door ETO Sterilizer is equipped with latest monitoring system for the procedure. It is also provided with special display to monitor temperature. Door position is indicated with alarm system. It is provided with vacuum break with sterile air filter.

Small Scale ETO Sterilizer

For the fewer amounts of items for sterilization, we have specially designed and developed small scale ETO sterilizers. Though it is small scale ETO sterilizer, it is provided with all latest control systems. It is also contains hinged doors. It contains system to maintain uniform temperature with variation of + or – 1.5° c. chamber of small scale sterilizer contain perfect finish with crevice free construction. It is totally contamination free chamber. It is build with high grade material.

small scale eto sterilizer

surgical  eto sterilizer

Surgical ETO Sterilizer

Ethylene oxide sterilizer is generally used to sterilize pharmaceutical instruments that are sensitive to heat. Various articles and instruments used in various operations are to be strictly sterile. Out of such articles and instruments, many are very precious and costly. Such costly items are not so economic to discard every time after use. For such items, ETO sterilization is so useful and cost-effective way to obtain highly hygienic and contamination free equipments.

Sliding Door ETO Sterilizer

As being leading manufacturer and exporter of Sliding Door ETO sterilizers, we offer many options for the sterilization of varied kinds of apparatuses, items and devices. There are countless items and equipments are to be sterilized on daily basis in hospitals, health centers and laboratories. There are many instruments that are of uneven shapes.

sliding door eto sterilizer

dry heat sterilizer

Dry Heat Sterilizer

Many devices and instruments are able to resist temperature. Such types of instruments are sterilized with dry heat. Sterilization is fulfilled with conduction. Instruments or item can be sterilized gradually. Temperature of the chamber is raised slowly. Instrument got temperature gradually. First outer most layer of instrument will become hot and then slowly, step by step inner temperature will be raised and reach the sterilization temperature. We are well-recognized manufacturer and exporter of precisely built dry heat sterilizers of best quality.