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Our dry heat sterilizer is comprehensively known to our consumers in a major number. Dry Heat Sterilizers are designed to meet Sterilization and Dehydrogenation requirements in pharmaceutical and bio technology industries. As the name suggests, these sterilizers use dry heat for sterilization. Dry Heat Sterilization is the mainly conventional practice, which is engaged to sterilize products that are humidity receptive and medical in temperament that cannot be sterilized with haze. This dry heat sterilizer is broadly useful for the injection bottles, filters, metal containers, aluminum caps, equipment parts, ointment and many more… Instruments should be dry before sterilization since water will interfere with the process. Dry heat destroys microorganisms by causing denaturation of proteins. For the effective sterilization, elements are set aside under that precise temperature for exact time. It is required to maintain such elements for distinct time and temperature to get correct and valuable output.

Instruments or thing can be sterilized progressively done by Dry Heat Sterilizer. First outer most layer of instrument will become hot and then slowly, step by step inner temperature will be raised and reach the sterilization temperature. We are well-recognized manufacturer and exporter of precisely built dry heat sterilizers of best quality.

Special features

  • Dust free operation
  • Uniform temperature
  • Well furnished
  • Multiply featured
  • Best quality product
  • Gives effective output