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Food Steam Sterilizer in India

We are engaged in providing an elite assortment of food steam sterilizers in India. The steam sterilization has become an obligatory matter with food foodstuffs and it services industry to revert to their intact fabrication lines, in sort to fulfill with the escalating necessities of international standards. Recent sterilization processes such as ethylene oxide or ionization are incompatible with these demands, encouraging the development of innovative processes based on traditional methods such as steam for its efficiency in the elimination of bacteria and clean electric energy in order to heat the product Even the most fragile products such as oregano or parsley see their color maintained after treatment. The water is re-used for cleaning when it can no longer be used in sterilization. In this way, the consumption of water and energy is reduced. They carry them on a conveyor through three sections of a tunnel that are maintained at different pressures for preheating, sterilizing and cooling. The food can be cooked during preheating and sterilizing.

We are affianced in providing an inclusive range of food steam sterilizers. The continuous sterilizers facilitate close control over dispensation setting and so produce more consistent products. They produce steady changes in pressure within the cans, bottles and jars and therefore less strain on the seams compared with batch instruments. Yet the large amount delicate products such as oregano or parsley see their color maintained after the treatment.

Special features

  • Removes bacteria completely
  • Easy to maintain
  • Portable in nature
  • Contains fine finish
  • Guaranteed product
  • Colors are maintained