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We are specialized in providing exclusive ranges of the medical sterilizers in India. We manufacture and supply a range of superior quality Medical Sterilizers. These medical sterilizers are fabricated of thick gunmetal chrome plated or stainless steel complete with pressure gauge safety valves, steam release cock, water level, and water inlet and outlet valves. These are used for various applications in chemical, beverage, food processing and pharmaceutical industry. It is therefore very useful for sterilizing surgical instruments, vessels, syringes, needles, etc. These medical sterilizers are assembled by our hardworking team of professionals using premium quality components and advanced technology. Sterilization refers to the elimination of microbial life, including fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms, etc. present on a surface, contained in a fluid, in medication, or in a compound such as biological culture media.

Appropriate Sterilization can be receiving by applying the correct combinations of heat, chemicals, irradiation, high pressure, and filtration. This sterilizer is available in different models with specific chamber size and volume; these sterilizers can be availed at viable price range in market. Our medical sterilizers are popular among various medical line organizations. With rich experience in this field, we have developed sequence of sterilizers to rally require of different group stack. With best grade material and skilled, our medical sterilizers are constantly used in different sectors of medicine.

Special features

  • Simple and safe to operate
  • No special skilled persons needed for its operations
  • Available in various models
  • low electrical consumption
  • Operates on domestic power supply
  • Mixture in cylinders/pure ethylene oxide cartridges